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Complexes are fully contained environments with 238 concept stores

  • Primarily housing well-known brands. But the unique shopping experience of Karama Market cannot be replicated by the environment of a typical mall.

It offers a hustle and bustle and a real urban appeal that is now rare and unique in the emirate, with the added value that it attracts a diverse range of shopkeepers and small businesses, with any unique product or business idea able to set up at the complex

This offers a great variety of choice which is outside the more restrictive range you would find elsewhere in the city.”

The walls of the shopping complex hold generations of stories to share, and their stories reflect Dubai’s story. “They have seen the making and breaking of fortunes with people from across the region visiting, each adding a unique perspective.”


Sight to behold

As it turns out, these walls don’t just have ears. Today, they are also a sight to behold, thanks to a grand refurbishment project undertaken by wasl properties to give the karama market a face-lift.

There are 12 buildings in the shopping complex that house 238 retail shops. Each of the 24 outer walls of the centre carries an artwork, from graffiti to 3D art, the themes as varied as they can possibly get in a place like Dubai. please check the photo gallery for photos 

Just one element of wasl’s extensive “rejuvenation” plan for Karama, the new kaleidoscope has been created by experienced street art specialists Graffiti and contributors like Muhriz Murad, Mohammad Fakhri and Abdul Rashid, known for their realism and illustration, Zainab said.

“The artists weren’t provided with parameters through any brief or theme, so they were free to express their creativity. The result is a series of artworks which comprise a mix of contemporary and traditional styles, infused with elements from nature.”

The works lend an artistic touch and attract visitors from within Dubai and outside. The additional footfall is expected to provide a boost not only to retailers in the Karama Centre, but also nearby businesses.

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