Most asked questions 

1: Do you have different quality ?

Yes in fake world there is many different quality but we only focus on best quality means 100 % same as the real thing 

2: Are they leather ?? 

Yes it is all leather you can see all from the photos if its a plastic you can understand from photos as well , 

3: How to order ? 

Orders will be done manually we will send you a payment link and you can finish your order there 

4: Methods of payment ? 

Visa or Master card 

5: shipping cost to UK or Ireland and USA 

About 135 AED for one KG depends on item weight and size 

6: Do i have to pay custom tax ?

Yes sometimes will charge you import tax which is about 20 English pounds for 2 bags or it all depends on your country 

7: Shipping time?

It takes about 7 days to 12 days to arrive 

8: Where are you based ? 

We are fully online