Frequently  Asked Questions 

1: Do you have different quality ?

We only sale the best quality handbags but yes you can find different quality s of bags

2: Whats the difference between different grades ?

The best quality is made of Italian leather and the other quality's is made of Chinese leather or sometimes bag is not leather at all 

3: How can i know the difference 

You have to compare them with original next to each other so you can understand 

4: do the cheaper grade look very obvious fake ?

No not easy to find out you most be an expert 

5: What is the price difference 

Prices might vary from 1 grade might be from 500 to 1500 AED 
second grade 300 to 600 AED 
Plastic grade 100 to 200  AED 

6: Which quality do we sale ?

We only sale the Italian quality how ever the other quality's are widely available in other shops 

 7: Do you have a shop or warehouse where i can come and view all the products ?

Unfortunately its very risky for us to display all the items in one place and we can face big penalties so we prefer not to sale in store 

8: How can we buy from you ?

We can bring the items of your interest to you we accept cash on delivery in all emirates 

9: Is there a obligation to buy the items ?

No absolutely not  

10: is there a problem getting the item to our room ?

There is no problem the hotels doesn't care we can just visit you in the room and show you the items 

 11: What about customs ?

No problem at Dubai customs they dont even check 

12: Is there any chance i get into problem ? 

In Dubai theres no chance you will get into problem unless you have more than 100 pcs !!!!! 

13: Do you ship to the UK ?

Yes we do ship to UK Ireland and USA 

14: How much a shipping costs ? 

shipping costs about 140 AED for first KG to the UK and ireland and 180 to USA 

15: Do i get into problem in UK customs ?

Sometimes they charge you a import tax about 20 English money but the wont confiscate them 

16: How do i pay when i buy online ?

we will send you a link to complete the payment 

17: Do you accept paypal ? why ?

No we dont ! Paypal does not  support fake items and they can take money from our account at any time even after 6 months 

18: What if you only want to try pay-pal only ?

Please find someone else who can accept pay-pal

19: Does watches have a Swiss machine 

No they dont Swiss machine is not possible to put on fake watches who ever claims that selling a Swiss you should not believe him , ETA machine is not available in market anymore to buy they only supply to limited watch makers and only in Swiss 

20 : How long does watches last ?

about 2 years i would say more if you really take care of them 

21: Can i get a deal if i buy more than one item ?

Yes we can do cheaper if you get multiple items 

22: I cant find a product im looking for here can you source them 

Yes some items we dont put them on here please send me photos i will confirm if we have 

23: can you send me videos or photos of items im interested in 

All photos in the website is from out actual product , But if we are not busy yes we can send you photos 

24: Why nobody replay to me anymore ?

we are sometimes very busy and we dont like to talk on phone answering questions which has been described here 

25: Guarantee or Warranty ? 

Non of them items has Guarantee or Warranty 

26: Do you sale clothes for  kids items ?

Unfortunately we dont have kids clothes 

27: Can you recommend anyone ?

Unfortunately many people in this business has acted un professional and customers always come back and complain so we dont do any more

28: Where the products are made ?

Mostly china  but under our own control